Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recent Hats!!

I've been on a roll with hats lately!! I'll post pictures of the newest ones I've done & [prices for the type I've done.]         I am including a shipping fee in the prices I list!!

Elmo!! I made him for my 1 year old nephew!! Elmo will be $13 shipped.

Pig!! This was a special request from a lady my husband works with!! Pig will be $20 shipped.

Owl!! This was another special request from THE SAME coworker of my husbands! Owl is $25 shipped.

Hello Kitty :o) I made her to send to my husbands 3 year old little cousin!! Turned out super duper cute!! I may just make one for myself!!   $25 shipped.

Angry Bird!! I held a CUTEST KID CONTEST on my fan page on facebook [link at top of blog] and the First Place Winner chose this!! It was my first time doing one, but I think it turned out good!! $25 shipped.

Minnesota Vikings Football! [Yes, I'm aware it's upside down, but I don't have a program to fix it on my computer anymore.] These are $15 shipped.

Adorable Lady Bug hat!! This was made for the SECOND PLACE winner in the CUTEST KID CONTEST held on my facebook!! I worked this hat up in like 2 hours.      $20 shipped

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