Monday, November 14, 2011

Recent Things I've Made!

Here are some rather recent things I've made.

This is the second round ripple blanket that I made! This pattern is so simple, yet so addicting! 
This blanket went to my cousin, who is expecting her 3rd child in December! 

This was made as a gift bag for my cousin's baby shower. I put the blanket in it, along with some bows that I made.

Here's Michael in the hat I made for him - This is right before he flapped his arms & clucked like a chicken!
The hat was a bit big for him, though, it fit me perfectly. It is for sale! $7.50 + shipping!  (Notice my Grandpa in the background? Yeah - He's a pretty awesome man! Love him!)

I found this pattern on Crochetville & WANTED to try to make it, so I did! I love how it turned out, though there are a few things that I'll do differently on the next one I do. Yes, there will be more! 

Color suggestions? 

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  1. There are so many fun ways to play with colors, stripes, and points on the RR. I love the colors.


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