Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Large Granny Square Afghan

I like making baby afghans for babies in the family when they're born, because it's something they aren't going to out grow! Well, my cousin just had her baby boy on Friday and I knew I wanted to be able to take her an afghan down when we go down for Christmas. I finished it yesterday morning (Monday the 21st of December).

It's really just a basic granny square, that keeps going and going.. But I love it. I was browsing Pinterest to try to find a different afghan pattern, because originally I had planned another Round Ripple, but decided I really kind of wanted something different. I came across a picture from Daisy Cottage Designs for a pattern she had and I decided I liked it. My son and I had gone to walmart to buy the yarn like a month in advance, way before Thanksgiving, but I had also been working on the pink & yellow Round Ripple I posted. I hope the owner of Daisy Cottage Designs doesn't see this & think I totally ripped off her color ideas. I honestly didn't mean for the colors to be as close to hers as they are, but.......... this is what Connor chose.

In my honest opinion, I think the afghan could have done with out the dark teal, but over all, I'm super happy with how it turned out!

On Daisy Cottage Designs, she does a Picot stitch as the border, but since this is for a boy, I opted for just a simple single crochet border, because I was lost for so long as to what kind of border I wanted & whether or not the picot would be too feminine. I ended up just doing one side of it then getting my husbands opinion.. He said, Yeah, just stick with the thin border. LOL. So I did. I'm happy with it.

Over all size is 36 inches square. Can't wait to make an even bigger one!

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