Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recent completions!

Mickey Mouse hat made for my 4 year old son, Connor! Pattern can be found Here

Santa hat - made for a friends son - Pattern can be found Here

Spongebob Squarepants hat made for my 6 year old son, Michael - Pattern can be found Here.

For the Spongebob hat - I used my own hat pattern (can be found on this blog) and used her pattern for the extra pieces!! 

Neither of my boys wanted earflaps this year, and that is fine with me. I did Michael's on a Friday, after I got back from my last doctors appointment & I did Connor's on the following Saturday - I had to have them done for them by Saturday night so I could wrap them & they could open them at our "Christmas at Kosh" gathering we have every year with my grandpa's side of the family - it's my Great Grannie along with all her kids & their kids, etc!! It's typically a big deal, and since we never really know who all will be there with their kids, we take gifts for our own kids. This year since both boys had requested new hats, I figured why not save a little cash & use these as gifts!! 

Everyone thought they were adorable & even my great grannie (who is the sweetest woman I have ever had the privelage of knowing - she turned 91 years old in August) said she would like a hat. So I have the perfect pattern for a hat for her, but I have to figure out colors! 

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