Wednesday, April 17, 2013

35 by 35

I have a list of 35 things I want to do by the time I am 35!! This has been written down for quite a while!! I have 6 years 5 months to accomplish all that are not strike out!

  1. Meet Big Mister's Grandma from Virginia.
  2. Travel to Virginia
  3. Have another baby. She was born 03.31.2013!
  4. Successfully sell stuff online on a regular basis! At least 1 item a month!
  5. Stop drinking so much soda.  I am at 1 a day - All other times I drink water or tea! 
  6. Travel to Florida again.
  7. Attend a Razorback (University of Arkansas) football game.
  8. Ride a horse.
  9. Visit Washington DC.
  10. Stop caring so much about what others think of me.  Done! After a LONG long talk with Big Mister , I am done caring!
  11. Quit Smoking.
  12. Own a car. We bought my car in July of 2012 & paid it off 100% in February 2013!
  13. Stop letting other people's selfishness get to me so much.
  14. Get to my goal weight of 130 & stay there!
  15. Get my nose pierced & keep it that way.  It's been pierced since September of 2011.
  16. Get the 2 more tattoos that I want! 
  17. Add Little Miss's name to my current tattoo.
  18. Take my family to Lambert's Cafe in Ozark, MO.
  19. Learn to crochet.  I told you this has been written down for a long time lol. I've known how to crochet since 2010.
  20. Zipline! 
  21. Shoot a gun. Big Mister had me shoot a gun back in 2009 or so.
  22. Deliver a baby. So no, I've not delivered a human baby, but pigs & dogs count, right!?
  23. Sell at least $150 a month of Scentsy.
  24. Own a Kindle Fire HD or Apple iPad (or a Mini would work too!)
  25. Get a different smart phone. (Do not EVER buy a ZTE Merit. It's HORRIBLE with NO storage space!)
  26. TRY deer meat with me knowing it. (Apparently I've eaten it with out knowing what it was but I want to knowingly eat it..)
  27. Start attending church again. 
  28. Drink more water & less tea & soda & coffee. 
  29. Keep my house cleaner. It's not a pig sty, but it could be better!
  30. Make $100 a month through crochet.
  31. Eat healthier.
  32. Learn how to do fancy designs on my nails. 
  33. Dye my hair how I want it. (Dark brown on top, bright pink on bottom.)
  34. Keep better track of our finances & bills.
  35. Get a new pair of Nikes! (I've had the same pair since 2011 & am still wearing them lol.)

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  1. This is kinda weird but ur list sounds a lot like what mine would sound like if I wrote one down! I really really wanna zipline, I've had my shoes since 2009 and my dog just chewed them up (I almost cried), the quitting smoking and pop. Pretty much everything but make $ ones and travel ones would be the same! Good luck with ur crochet. Its great and I'm sure u will meet those goals very soon!


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