Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another pair done!

These were made for Little Mister #2's preschool teachers Great Niece (I think that's what she said!) As I said in my earlier post - The color combination was one that I didn't think would work great together but that's what they requested & I think it turned out well!!

Next thing I'll be working on is an afghan for a lady who started it, but couldn't finish it due to her hands - so she gave me the yarn & I'll do it for her. It's just a basic afghan - nothing fancy! I changed (I forget how many - 120 or so) then am just doing half double crochet's through out the rest - I think I will end up doing the edging in a crab stitch!

I think also while working on the afghan - I'll get some pictures together to show how to do some stitches :) I've had some requests from people on how to do them, so I figure why not!! (Gotta repaint my nails though ha!)

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