Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Swap goodies (For February '13)

As a member of the 'ville I participate in swaps with people around the world!! In February - I participated in 2!! The first was a Magic Ball yarn swap!! You buy goodies & wrap them up in a skein (or more) of yarn!! My partner was Nicole from Indiana and she sent some great stuff :) 

Here is my ball with some goodies rolled up into it!! The yarn is Vanna's Choice by Lionbrand!! It's a type I've never tried before :) 
These are some paint kits for my boys! Michael is the more artistic one but both boys loved them!!

Some bath or pool toys for the boys & some pacifiers for my daughter (who  we are still awaiting her arrival!)

A small project bag!!

All my goodies together

More yarn, a size H hook with a bamboo handle, retractible tape measure & some other goodies :) More of that Vanna's Choice yarn too!

3 larger Bamboo hooks, some stitch markers, needles & other goodies :) 
I'll have to admit, I wasn't as creative with her ball that I sent her. I neatly rolled up everything & you couldn't see anything sticking out! I will do it differently the next time I participate in this swap!

The second swap I participated in for the month of February is the Favorite Color swap!! I was paired off with Tiffany from Treasures & Trinkets by Tiffany and she sent some fantastic stuff for me as well!!

Handmade Hook case! LOVE this!!

Inside of my hook case! Yes, it came to me WITH all the hooks in it!! They are Susan Bates hooks (which I had never tried before!)

Goodies for the kids!! Each of the boys got a pack of crayons, coloring book, each got a dog tag (Skylanders) and some Skylanders trading cards!! Rosalie got an adorable headband with matching socks, and a pack of bows! Also - travel sized soaps & stuff! 

8 skeins of yarn! 

More pink goodness!! Terrycloth bag, calendar & memo pad, cards with envelopes, socks (which are super duper soft) manicure set, desk set, photo case & a bath scrubber & massager!

Homemade WIP parkers!! With hook sizes - so I won't forget what size hook I'm using!

Very nice bag!! Most of it was put in the bag inside the box!! I love it!! It is now packed with what I need to take to the hospital with me when labor begins!

Last but definitely not least - A Hobby Lobby gift card!! I've never shopped there - so I did order some yarn with this card (as well as other goodies :) )
For March, I am only participating in 1 swap - since I could very well go into labor at any point this month - and it is an Amigurumi swap! I love doing the swaps because I get to know people I might not have ever gotten to know before!! I believe for each swap I've done - I have had a different partner each time!! It's fun :)

I do have some other stuff to post about but that will have to wait until I get back from taking Connorman to school!

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