Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still waiting!!

While this is a "crochet blog" I will occasionally post things about my life on here!! I don't really post on my other blog anymore, I get tired of having more than one so I figure why not!!

We are still waiting for the Little Miss to make her arrival!! 100% effaced & dilated to 4 as of Friday the 15th. Contractions are still pretty intense they just aren't getting close enough together to go to L&D to monitor them!! We walked & were quite active this weekend.. Little Mister 2 spent the day & night with his mawmaw & papa (my parents) on Saturday so Little Mister 1, Big Mister & I went fishing Saturday afternoon/evening. We drove about a mile then parked & walked another mile to get to the pond.. Caught nothing & had no bites :( We did have a nice little picnic though!!

I love taking pictures - especially of nature!! The sunset was gorgeous!

My oldest 2 loves!! Notice Little Mister 1 is eating - he took the lettuce off his sandwich & ate it by itself lol.

The sky with the clouds was gorgeous!
About 5 minutes after we cast out our lines - the wind started blowing really hard & it got quite chilly. We only stayed about an hour and a half or so before we decided to pack it up & come home.

Now it's 10:30PM and Little Mister 2 and I took a late nap this afternoon so we are still awake.. I am crocheting & he is watching PB&J Otter on Disney Jr. Little Mister 1 is staying the night at his mawmaw & papa's & will go to school when Mawmaw goes in the morning!! He enjoys staying with them on Sunday nights so he can be first in line for breakfast that morning LOL! He doesn't have to ride the bus & just goes when my mom & my brothers go (since she works at school).

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