Thursday, March 21, 2013

My past 2 days & a hat!

Big Mister and I took Little Mister 2 to school Tuesday at noon, which is when the afternoon preschool class starts their classes & then went down to the local park, Mammoth Spring State Park, to walk because I was having some pretty good contractions, pretty close together. The trail around the park is 6/10 of a mile, and we walked it 4 times in about an hour & a half. Contractions picked up, so we made arrangements of who would pick the boys up from school, I called my mom to let her know we were heading to the hospital. We got there, they monitored me & I was in fact having contractions, about a 1.5-2 minutes apart. When we got there, I was dilated to 1.5-2 (I was at a 4 at my last appointment on the 15th of March - None of the nurses could figure out how I regressed.) Little Miss's heartrate was fluctuating in between 140-200 which really worried us. When we asked the main RN about it, she said it was normal for that much fluctuation. We got there around 2:00 and left around 5:30 - The contractions just weren't helping me dilate any. They told me to come home & walk. We did. We decided to go ahead & try to get a good night sleep then walk more the next morning to see if they were still constant & then if so, we would head back up there..
We walked about 4 miles (I'd say this is the most walking I have done this whole pregnancy lol.) and the contractions were still pretty strong & pretty frequent. We took Little Mister 2 to Big Mister's parents house - then headed back up to the hospital. When I asked the RN on duty that morning about the regression of my dilation, she gave us an explanation -

Sometimes when the baby is really low on the cervix, they open the cervix up more, but when they move back up, it'll close. It won't close completely up, but it won't be as open as it was when they were low & pushing on it.
That made sense to us. Contractions were still regular & hard, they checked me & I was at a full 2. After about 1.5 hours of monitoring - she came back in to check me & STILL at a 2. I was having some REALLY bad back pains - so she gave me some kind of pill that is like vicodin - and she said that if the pain didn't go away, then I was in true labor, but if they did - then it was just early/false labor. The pills dulled the pain but did NOT take it away completely. She said we know where they "live" and to come back if the contractions picked up or my water broke. I laughed & said we would only be back IF & WHEN my water breaks - That's a 45 minute - an hour drive from our house to the hospital and it's not exactly easy on gas either!!

I do feel better this morning - but the contractions are still here. Not nearly as frequent, but they do still hurt. Things are progressing, I can feel & tell that, but when this baby will make her arrival is still a puzzle to us!! Everyone we have talked to has said that she will decide it's her time to come when we have snow on the ground.. It's supposed to snow a good one tonight - so I wouldn't doubt it! I am supposed to have an appointment tomorrow morning - so hopefully I can make it to that if she doesn't decide to come! I'm not a big fan of driving on snow, and if the roads are bad I won't be going, but I also don't want to miss an appointment either!

I started this little hat for Little Miss on Monday & finished it on Tuesday morning!! Some might know her name is going to be Rosalie so I made it complete with a little Rose! I got the pattern from here and used a rose pattern I already had!! I did the hat in Red Heart Super Saver Grey Heather and it's so soft!! I love this color in this yarn! The Rose was done in some baby pink that I had been given from a dear dear friend who we used to bowl with but she then moved to Chicago. The hat was done in size 3-6 months, as the pattern calls for. I think it turned out very cute!! I might have to do other color choices!!

As you can see, I have changed the blog layout a little bit!! I plan to "expand" and start making more than just crochet things! I'd like to start working with fabric as well as some other things, but we'll have to see how that goes :) I also changed the name of the blog since I don't only blog about crochet anymore :)

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