Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little Miss watch...

Friday I had to be at my OB at 10:30. Did all the normal routine.. Her heartrate was slightly elevated at 160-170. We figure it's because she was mad at having the hiccups. My Blood Pressure was good. 112/60. I gained 1 lb in a week (Still under my goal!!!)

Waited for the doctor to come in, and a student nurse came to check me instead. Big Mister and I both really liked this girl. She has been doing OB stuff for 16+ and I apparently had her completely perplexed!!

The outer part of my cervix is dilated to 5. Great progression from Wednesday when I was just a 2. However the inner part is still closed. Not such great progression. Now I know she'll be here when she's ready, but we are ready for her so we have been walking up a storm lol! We had planned to walk today but the weather didn't like that idea - it's pouring down!

The student nurse told me to change my next appointment from Friday to Thursday (I will be 39 weeks 0 days on Thursday) and my doctor will discuss induction & possibly decide to induce me Thursday night! That would be great for me!! She told me to go ahead & get my bags packed & everything ready - just in case. I had to inform her that my bag has been in the car since Tuesday lol. The only things I'll need to grab are laptop/charger, camera & phone/charger! Everything else, including carseat, are already in the car! We are READY!

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