Friday, March 8, 2013

Newest afghan WIP

I had a lady who contacted me with the question as to whether I could finish an afghan she had started. Of course, I said yes! She had started it but her hands wouldn't let her finish it.. Not a problem. She sent me with 6 skeins of yarn.. In the picture, I have completed ALMOST 3 skeins of yarn & have since finished the 3rd skein & am on the 4th now.. I believe I'll do a reverse single crochet border as the border for this afghan. I do like how that type of border looks! This afghan is being done in only half double crochet. I changed about 120 (I'm not sure on that exact #) and then have done the rest in HDC! I should have time today to work on this quite a bit!!

My next project will be a carseat tent to put on Little Miss's carseat!! There is a pattern that can be found for free Here on Ravelry of that!! I won't do the car appliques, but it will be something. I'm doing it in I Love This Yarn colors of PeacockPistache, and Grape. I have never used that brand before - never been in a Hobby Lobby before either LOL! I got this yarn with the gift card I received in the Favorite Color swap at the 'ville!

Little Mister #2 and I have to head out at about 7 to take Little Mister #1 to school and then head on up to my doctors office to see if I might be getting any closer to having Little Miss! I am currently 36 weeks 2 days. Idealy, I'd like her to wait at least 2 weeks, but if she can't (I'm unsure yet whether she will or not LOL!) then that's fine - As long as I don't get up there & the doctor tell me, "I need you to go to the hospital." Having Little Mister #2 with me, that wouldn't be good!

I do apologize for not getting any picture tutorials done yesterday.. I ended up working on this afghan & it completely slipped my  mind!! Maybe I'll do it today once I get done with all my running around :)

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  1. I think it's great you were able to finish the project. It had to be so frustrating to get it that far and not be able to finish it off.


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