Sunday, March 24, 2013


Big Mister had to work yesterday & the Little Misters had spent Friday night at my parents house - so I was home all alone! Once I got the house straightened (because what better time to do it than when no one else is home, right?!) I brought out my hook & yarn!!

The first thing I finished was this Round Ripple afghan for a baby girl. Totally love how it turned out!! I think the white really makes it pop!

I will admit that it did take me longer to finish than it probably should have but I have a bad habit with starting something, then starting something else LOL! I currently have 3 different afghans going right now! But I did get it done! It will be delivered to the lady who ordered it sometime this week!!

Then on Thursday or Friday - I won a giveaway on facebook that I had won for a pattern for a hat, so I figured I'd try it out!! I made 2 that I will probably use as baby shower gifts!

This one is made with I Love This Yarn in Peacock from Hobby Lobby. I absolutely LOVE this yarn & this color!! It's so pretty! 

This one is made with Caron Simply Soft in Garnet. We have a VERY limited choice of this Caron SS yarn here - but I really enjoy making things with it!! Super soft (hense the name lol). I can't find anywhere to order it online from either - I haven't looked on ebay.

I am going to work on a green/white/black afghan today -- I just have to figure out a pattern. I had one that I LOVED but I can't figure it out! So I might just do my own thing!!

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